The Dress

So… there is this dress.  It’s red.  It’s tight.  It’s a Herve Leger.  When I first tried it on I thought, “Well if I just lose another 10 pounds it will look great!”.  Since I’ve lost major weight I haven’t worn anything like this and really haven’t had a reason to.  I’m so excited and so nervous to actually put it on and wear it… it’s almost all I can think about!  I’ll be taking a trip and seeing some of my favorite people on earth soon.  And really they won’t even care but I really do want to look my best and feel pretty again.  It’s been such a long time since I truly felt that way, especially in a sexy dress.  Years…


But if you know anything about HL dresses they show every bulge and are not exactly forgiving!  I need to clean up my diet ASAP.  I know what I should be doing.

Cut out:  Diary, bread, sugar.

Drink:  Lots of water..

Eat:  lean meats, veggies and a little healthy fat in the morning (ideal world if I had no taste buds and willpower of steel: asparagus, white fish, chicken and yams)

Arrghhhh I know I know I know I what to do….  But can I actually do it?  Cheese is so cheesy and wonderful… and chocolate beckons me… and my lattes… and bread…Mmmphhh  the bread…  I simply refuse to give up my lattes!

The good news is that I’ve gotten my workouts back on track now after life taking me off the rails… but honestly… after really focusing on weight loss and health the past few years I have realized that the HARDEST part is FOOD.  What do you do to stay mentally strong?  I mean… it’s just so tempting! Any tips for a crash course week diet?   I’m gonna print out this dress and look at it every day in effort to keep focused.  Will report back in a week how it turns out (biting nails)….

I hope I can rock this dress.


10 Happy Things

It’s raining here in LA and with it a lot of people get seasonal depression.  But the weather isn’t the only thing that gets people down.  It got me thinking…  in the past year I’ve been struggling too with climbing out of what seems like a gaping trench of negativity and tears… I’ve battled it with every tool possible and things are getting finally better day by day.  Since this is my Piggy diary, I want to remind myself of 10 things that make me smile that are NOT FOOD, and maybe they will make you smile too?  What makes you happy?

  1. Pigs – big and small, chubby piggies always make me happy!  When I was a little girl, my dad took me to the county fair and I wanted to play with the piglets so bad he let me climb in the pen with them.  Their little squeals, sniffing snouts and curly tails are SO CUTE!!!!!   I love it when they grunt and get excited and run around… and especially relate when they eat everything in site.  There is a little piggy in all of us, don’t you think?strawberry-pigs
  2. Pandas – especially the cubs are possibly one of the cutest animals on earth.  Nature’s uncoordinated, falling, blundering, rolling, snuggling fluff balls are irresistible!  I can watch videos of them harassing zookeepers and munching on bamboo all day long.  Seriously.panda-cubs
  3. Rainbows – who doesn’t love rainbows?  My grandmother and I used to chase them sometimes… they remind me of her, and of course how beautiful things can turn out after the storm.rainbow
  4. Funky nails – I used to not be “allowed” to get bright colors or patterns on my nails, but the last few months I’ve been breaking out of my shell and I’ve decided that I can get fun nails if I want to, damn it!nails
  5. Crazy yoga pants – As I’ve lost weight I’ve gained confidence and feel comfortable wearing yoga pants to work out.  Of course, it’s at a womans only gym but still… finding ridiculously patterned yoga pants motivates me to go workout just so I can run around in them.  🙂yoga-pants
  6. Nature, clouds, trees – When I hike, the views of beautiful cloudy sky lines and majestic trees always takes my breath away.  Nature is the most talented artist on earth and there are no better masterpieces than found out here.sunset
  7. Biggie Smalls songs – I’ve re-written several and rapping to them makes me burst out in laughter… I can’t help myselfbiggie
  8. Exercise – The rush of endorphins, energy, seeing muscle gains, and the best for me is stretching after a good workout. I love sitting in a dark room on a mat and slowly stretching out all my warm muscles.  It’s a feeling of accomplishment and silent mediation clears my mind.running.png
  9. Smell of fresh cut grass – brings memory of childhood soccer games, picnics at the park, and running through the sprinklers on hot days… ahhhhhgrass
  10. Painting – I miss it so… When the smoke clears I really hope to get back into it.. on canvas, fabric, anything really… painting is therapy for my soul.painting.png

SO excited about Bullet Proof Coffee!

OMG!  My friend told me about this and I am SO impressed!  When I drank this coffee for the first time, I kid you not I was not hungry for 8 hours afterwards.

I want to make sure to tell you that I am not promoting starving yourself or anything like that.  But right now, when I am trying really hard to stay under my daily calorie goal for an upcoming trip (and very tight dress to fit into), I can use all the help in the world to stave off my cravings!

So Bullet proof coffee basically has coconut oil and Ghee (clarified butter) added in which obviously adds fat and keeps you satiated longer.  The past 3 mornings I’ve gone to the actual Bullet Proof Coffee store and tried different ones each day.  Since I am used to the sugary Starbucks drinks it was a scary experience for me.

They also have FAT water which looks white and milky (kind of gross) but tasted good.  I liked the pineapple flavor best.

Day 1 – Mocha – super rich and greasy… took me 4 hours to drink it all down but didn’t even want dinner later that day.  Mind you I did eat breakfast before then.

Day 2 – Vanilla coffee.  Much better!  They don’t use sugar, they use xylitol sweetener instead but it tasted fine.  Also kept me non-hungry for 8 hours.  I also had breakfast earlier as well.

Day 3 – Maca – chino…  Frozen drink and I asked for extra sweetener .. HOLY COW THIS WAS SO GOOD!  But I did have a little lunch and dinner later.. just a little and stayed well under my calorie goal

Day 4 – made my own.  Brewed the Bulletproof coffee, added a scoop of vanilla protein powder, a tablespoon of Ghee, sugar, and lactaid milk so it was kind of my own little latte.  I forgot the coconut oil though so now it’s 1pm (5 hours later) and I am getting a little hungry so it’s not lasting quite as long.

That’s it so far.  Tomorrow morning I’ll add a little more protein powder and coconut oil and see how it goes.  Also because of the extra fat I’m drinking down I really need to watch my overall macros which I can see on MyFitnessPal nutrition pie chart.  The rest of my meals need to stay high protein and low fat so I can balance it all out.  That’s all for now – this was just such an amazing discovery that I had to share!

Griffith Park Observatory Hike

As a born and raised Angelino, you would think I already know all the best spots to check out in Los Angeles, however my life has been so..umm… “protected” is the best word I can think of, that until a few months ago, I never really was able to get out and explore.

Lately I’ve been hiking more which in my opinion is a great way to get in cardio AND reduce stress all in one.  In fact, most of my major weight loss just came from walking and dieting (the first 30 lbs anyway).  There is something so restorative about being surrounded by nature, fresh air, and chubby little overfed birds hopping around.

Yesterday we hiked the back side of the Griffith Observatory starting at the “Boy Scout” trail.  The weather was overcast and cool so kind of perfect, however there were so many great views once we got near the top I would recommend coming back on a clearer day.  After we passed the Observatory lawn, the trail broke up into several different paths.  There were signs everywhere so there was no worry about getting lost.  This is a top tourist attraction in LA actually so there were lots of tourists of course up by the Observatory and on the trails too.  There were families, young, old, couples in love (after all Valentine’s Day is approaching) and adorable dogs all over.  Of course there were the young stupid people goofing off as well, balancing on one foot on a pole at the highest lookout peak giving me a slight anxiety attack, but whatever.

It was an uphill walk most of the way up the trails and the misty air made all the green look so much brighter!  🙂  We went up to Dante’s view which was a really cool, almost picnic area with tables and benches and a beautifully planted garden as well.  I thought it would be nice idea to go up there with a bottle of wine and sandwiches.. ahhh… great views no matter what trail you take of downtown LA and of course the Hollywood sign.

I think this trail is a great place to take out of town visitors on a sunny, clear day.. pack a lunch, take your family, and stop at the observatory along the way.  I recommend not parking up at the Observatory because it’s an absolute zoo.  Have fun!