Waterfall Workout! Solstice Canyon Hike

I’m late with last Sunday’s hike review, but better late than never, right?  I was eager to see another waterfall with the recent rains and hoping for a good workout and got exactly that!  So after my amazing hiking buddy picked out Solstice Canyon this time from the all knowing AllTrails app which we know and love.  This time it was 3 of us hiking ladies and a little dog too.  🙂   Just driving from the 101 down Las Virgenes Canyon to Malibu is amazing itself.  We arrived around 11am which turns out to be a very popular time.  We needed to stalk the hikers coming out of the trail to get their parking spot.  It kind of reminded me of the chaos trying to park at the mall around the holidays, but finally we pounced and got our spots.  🙂


The fog rolling in from the ocean was just magical.  It was about a 6 mile hike and my legs were actually tired near the end!  We had a great time, saw lots of dogs and historical sites too.  I really liked this hike because the first part was uphill and challenging with winding roads and breathtaking views.. sprinkled with butterflies and scurrying lizards.

When we heard the rushing water of the falls it was exciting and after we played a bit an enjoyed the gorgeous scene, we were able to return back on a flatter, wider trail.  It was like a nice reward for making it to the Falls.


I recommend starting earlier – maybe around 7 or 8am, taking one car, and really good hiking shoes.  Both of my hiking buddies were much smarter than me and brought backpacks with bladder pouches for their water along with snacks.  I recommend taking after them (not me, who ended up quite thirsty and sunburnt).  Correction, tired, thirsty, hungry, sunburnt and HAPPY!  🙂


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