“The Shire” Hike

First of all, I just want to share that my hiking buddy swears by this APP called AllTrails to find new trails to hike each Sunday.  Like me, a true Gemini, she gets bored easily and wants to explore different scenes and difficulty levels.  I have to say this app is SO helpful in finding great trails near by.  It’s nationwide and really for everyone.  Hiking is a great family activity.  I imagine bringing a picnic of pastrami sandwiches, alfajores, ginger ales and a kite along, but that’s just me. We see families, couples, pet owners, runners, bike riders, young and old out there each weekend enjoying the fresh air and best of all quality time together.  And it’s FREE!  alltrails

Losing my first 30lbs in the beginning of my fitness adventure , it was 80% dieting and 20% walking.  And let me tell you, walking on the treadmill gets boring real quick.  I would bribe myself with lattes and netflix episodes to watch each morning… however walking outside is a great stress reducer.  If you have a friend with you that is even so much better!  Time goes by and you don’t even realize that you got your 10K steps and cardio in.

Last weekend we tried the Victory Trailhead in Woodland Hills.  The longer name is the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space.  At first we took a wrong turn and ended up at the Hidden Hills gated community (which I know Jennifer Lopez and several other celebrities live), but eventually got back on track and found the trail.

rolling hills

The weather was a but chilly, overcast and drizzling on and off,  but it also it made all the green grass look even brighter and greener.  I’m calling this hike “The Shire”.  I really felt like we were on a fairy tale adventure and any minute around the corner we would encounter a Hobbit door.  There were beautiful rolling hills, spooky looking gnarled trees, lots of easy paths to walk up and get better views.  There is a stream there that still needed more rain to really flow.  We spotted some California poppies on one hill and I got excited imagining later this spring all the blooming flowers that will be sprinkled along these hills.


I wore the wrong kind of jacket (water resistant, not proof) so it stuck to me and I was a freezing piggy… but got a waterproof one later that day at a thrift shop.  I’m getting smarter though in other areas because this time I brought a back pack, wipes, chapstick, water, and a clean pair of socks, shoes, and a plastic bag for my muddy ones.

spooky treees

Overall even though it was overcast and rainy, it was just stunning.  The slopes were gentle and I definitely recommend this for later this Spring when the warmer weather sets in for a family day together.  We got a great hike in, so did our canine friend, and by the end, were all ready for second breakfastes.


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