The Muddy Adventures of…

So I’ve been under the weather lately.. and my darling hiking friend was kind enough to find a nice “easy” trail for us to go on.  And it had a waterfall! This time with her adorable dog.  I was super excited!  She found this amazing app called “All Trails” where it tells you all about the different hikes.


This one was in Malibu and it’s called Escondido Falls Trail.  All Trails rated this one as “Easy” level.  HA!  Maybe in dry weather!?  What it doesn’t tell you, however is what the difficulty level becomes after a fresh rain when the trail becomes a sticky, slippery muddy obstacle course.  Actually it was tons of fun and had I felt better would have even wanted to go further up the mountain.  We probably got a better workout from the resistance the mud gave us on each step.  In fact, I am pretty sore today.


After walking through the residential area (with gorgeous ocean views) and I named like 5 of my dream homes, we entered the real trail.


It started out uphill and sort of dry, but not for long.  The ground grew wetter and muddier as we made our way down the path.  The stream was running fast because of the recent rain and it cut through the walking path in lots of places so we had to balance and walk across muddy logs to go over them.  A large walking stick we picked up along the way helped so much!  There were lots of dogs, some on and some off leash.  Many families too.  My favorite moment was watching a guy carrying a squirming 6 month old Husky puppy while trying to balance crossing the little river.  Surprisingly he made it (that time).  There were still about 4-5 crossings to get through.  Eventually we just walked directly through the stream and got drenched.


Her dog just loved it and kept running into the stream and back out.  At one point, the pooch got so excited, she actually got pulled through the mud like she was skiing.  It didn’t last long, but it was really funny.  It got a little confusing at one point, but my friend’s AllTrails APP and some fellow hikers helped point us in the right direction.  I kept thinking how great it would be if I could walk a little piglet in all this mud so we could all be piggies together.


So after a pretty slow, mud packed filled adventure up the hill, we finally spotted the beautiful waterfall.  Ahhhh the mist spraying everywhere, dogs running around, happy campers taking pictures and the beautiful sound of the water rushing down was amazing!!  I may have even heard “Nothing Else Matters” playing in the background… not sure.  It was beyond a great reward for making it through our muddy adventure.

I would recommend this trail for families, dog owners, and pretty much anyone in dry weather.  You should probably wait a few days after the rains so the trail can dry out a bit more though. If not, and for any muddy trail, bring a walking stick (or 2), baby wipes, shoes with some traction that you don’t care about (the mud will come off after hosing them off and throwing them in a laundry machine), a plastic bag to throw all your wet clothes into, and an extra pair of clean socks and shoes.

Happy Hiking!





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