Runyon Canyon Hike

“OMG you’ve never been to Runyon!!??” This is the usual reaction I get whenever I’ve spoken to a local Angelino about hiking trails. No I’m sorry! I have not! In fact, I haven’t been to many spots in LA for hiking, shopping, dancing, you name it.  Although this is my home, my life the past 10 years has been very restricted… almost like living in a cave. Happy to say that I’ve been venturing out more, slowly poking out my hoof and discovering the beautiful trails out there thanks to finding my amazing hiking buddy.  🙂

Every Sunday morning we pick a new trail to explore. Yesterday time was limited so we couldn’t go on a 3 hour hike (which we have been known to do in the past). In fact, on one of our hikes through the underbelly of Fryman Canyon just past the Rainforest section we proceeded to get lost. We ran into an elderly, portly woman with a small dog wearing a little cape no less.   She made sure to look me up and down and tell us the way out was treacherous and I might want to watch myself. For the record, I am 38 years old, now in decent shape, and an ex D1 scholarship athlete. I believe that was the same hike we ended up bear crawling down a steep hill… the adventures have been numerous.


So we drove down to Hollywood and hiked Runyon Canyon.   Parking was crazy… but oh well who minds a few extra steps? These hammies need to get moving! I know it’s the weekend before Valentines Day but WOW was it crowded! Lots of Hollyood types (duh) and I think it would be easy to spot celebrities here. There were tons of small fluffy dogs with ridiculous outfits on (which of course I loved). My friend told me she saw someone walking a pig on this hike before and I almost fainted at the thought. One lady got in a huff because we weren’t giving her enough room coming down the steps. “Just so you know, people coming down have the right of way!” she pretty much yelled. Whatever! Well this is L.A.. What do you expect?


The hike was easy for us. Just an hour long, uphill the first half with giant stairs too. I chose to walk around them because my porky rump was already sore from my other workouts.  At the top of the hill was a great view of downtown LA and a clear shot of the Hollywood sign.


My favorite part was when we were almost to the top, passing by the fence full of love locks. So many different love locks with notes and engravings on them sure to warm even the coldest of hearts. As I stared at them… I tried to imagine each couple… Where did they first meet? What their secret jokes are with each other and will they come back on their anniversary?  Can a Gemini and Cancer really beat the odds?  Will they add little baby locks some day? Or will one of them come back with bolt cutters and throw it off the cliff? I could have stood here all day staring at these beautiful love locks musing over such things.

Overall Runyon Canyon hike was quick, easy, great views and crowded. A beginner hiker should take it slow up the first half. The rest is downhill so no problem. I recommend this for tourists and also if you are a woman it does feel safe to walk it alone because it’s so crowded. And one more thing if you do go, and that lady yells about the right of way again, please feel free to bitch slap her for me. Happy waddling… err I mean hiking!


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