The Dress

So… there is this dress.  It’s red.  It’s tight.  It’s a Herve Leger.  When I first tried it on I thought, “Well if I just lose another 10 pounds it will look great!”.  Since I’ve lost major weight I haven’t worn anything like this and really haven’t had a reason to.  I’m so excited and so nervous to actually put it on and wear it… it’s almost all I can think about!  I’ll be taking a trip and seeing some of my favorite people on earth soon.  And really they won’t even care but I really do want to look my best and feel pretty again.  It’s been such a long time since I truly felt that way, especially in a sexy dress.  Years…


But if you know anything about HL dresses they show every bulge and are not exactly forgiving!  I need to clean up my diet ASAP.  I know what I should be doing.

Cut out:  Diary, bread, sugar.

Drink:  Lots of water..

Eat:  lean meats, veggies and a little healthy fat in the morning (ideal world if I had no taste buds and willpower of steel: asparagus, white fish, chicken and yams)

Arrghhhh I know I know I know I what to do….  But can I actually do it?  Cheese is so cheesy and wonderful… and chocolate beckons me… and my lattes… and bread…Mmmphhh  the bread…  I simply refuse to give up my lattes!

The good news is that I’ve gotten my workouts back on track now after life taking me off the rails… but honestly… after really focusing on weight loss and health the past few years I have realized that the HARDEST part is FOOD.  What do you do to stay mentally strong?  I mean… it’s just so tempting! Any tips for a crash course week diet?   I’m gonna print out this dress and look at it every day in effort to keep focused.  Will report back in a week how it turns out (biting nails)….

I hope I can rock this dress.


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