10 Happy Things

It’s raining here in LA and with it a lot of people get seasonal depression.  But the weather isn’t the only thing that gets people down.  It got me thinking…  in the past year I’ve been struggling too with climbing out of what seems like a gaping trench of negativity and tears… I’ve battled it with every tool possible and things are getting finally better day by day.  Since this is my Piggy diary, I want to remind myself of 10 things that make me smile that are NOT FOOD, and maybe they will make you smile too?  What makes you happy?

  1. Pigs – big and small, chubby piggies always make me happy!  When I was a little girl, my dad took me to the county fair and I wanted to play with the piglets so bad he let me climb in the pen with them.  Their little squeals, sniffing snouts and curly tails are SO CUTE!!!!!   I love it when they grunt and get excited and run around… and especially relate when they eat everything in site.  There is a little piggy in all of us, don’t you think?strawberry-pigs
  2. Pandas – especially the cubs are possibly one of the cutest animals on earth.  Nature’s uncoordinated, falling, blundering, rolling, snuggling fluff balls are irresistible!  I can watch videos of them harassing zookeepers and munching on bamboo all day long.  Seriously.panda-cubs
  3. Rainbows – who doesn’t love rainbows?  My grandmother and I used to chase them sometimes… they remind me of her, and of course how beautiful things can turn out after the storm.rainbow
  4. Funky nails – I used to not be “allowed” to get bright colors or patterns on my nails, but the last few months I’ve been breaking out of my shell and I’ve decided that I can get fun nails if I want to, damn it!nails
  5. Crazy yoga pants – As I’ve lost weight I’ve gained confidence and feel comfortable wearing yoga pants to work out.  Of course, it’s at a womans only gym but still… finding ridiculously patterned yoga pants motivates me to go workout just so I can run around in them.  🙂yoga-pants
  6. Nature, clouds, trees – When I hike, the views of beautiful cloudy sky lines and majestic trees always takes my breath away.  Nature is the most talented artist on earth and there are no better masterpieces than found out here.sunset
  7. Biggie Smalls songs – I’ve re-written several and rapping to them makes me burst out in laughter… I can’t help myselfbiggie
  8. Exercise – The rush of endorphins, energy, seeing muscle gains, and the best for me is stretching after a good workout. I love sitting in a dark room on a mat and slowly stretching out all my warm muscles.  It’s a feeling of accomplishment and silent mediation clears my mind.running.png
  9. Smell of fresh cut grass – brings memory of childhood soccer games, picnics at the park, and running through the sprinklers on hot days… ahhhhhgrass
  10. Painting – I miss it so… When the smoke clears I really hope to get back into it.. on canvas, fabric, anything really… painting is therapy for my soul.painting.png

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