SO excited about Bullet Proof Coffee!

OMG!  My friend told me about this and I am SO impressed!  When I drank this coffee for the first time, I kid you not I was not hungry for 8 hours afterwards.

I want to make sure to tell you that I am not promoting starving yourself or anything like that.  But right now, when I am trying really hard to stay under my daily calorie goal for an upcoming trip (and very tight dress to fit into), I can use all the help in the world to stave off my cravings!

So Bullet proof coffee basically has coconut oil and Ghee (clarified butter) added in which obviously adds fat and keeps you satiated longer.  The past 3 mornings I’ve gone to the actual Bullet Proof Coffee store and tried different ones each day.  Since I am used to the sugary Starbucks drinks it was a scary experience for me.

They also have FAT water which looks white and milky (kind of gross) but tasted good.  I liked the pineapple flavor best.

Day 1 – Mocha – super rich and greasy… took me 4 hours to drink it all down but didn’t even want dinner later that day.  Mind you I did eat breakfast before then.

Day 2 – Vanilla coffee.  Much better!  They don’t use sugar, they use xylitol sweetener instead but it tasted fine.  Also kept me non-hungry for 8 hours.  I also had breakfast earlier as well.

Day 3 – Maca – chino…  Frozen drink and I asked for extra sweetener .. HOLY COW THIS WAS SO GOOD!  But I did have a little lunch and dinner later.. just a little and stayed well under my calorie goal

Day 4 – made my own.  Brewed the Bulletproof coffee, added a scoop of vanilla protein powder, a tablespoon of Ghee, sugar, and lactaid milk so it was kind of my own little latte.  I forgot the coconut oil though so now it’s 1pm (5 hours later) and I am getting a little hungry so it’s not lasting quite as long.

That’s it so far.  Tomorrow morning I’ll add a little more protein powder and coconut oil and see how it goes.  Also because of the extra fat I’m drinking down I really need to watch my overall macros which I can see on MyFitnessPal nutrition pie chart.  The rest of my meals need to stay high protein and low fat so I can balance it all out.  That’s all for now – this was just such an amazing discovery that I had to share!


One thought on “SO excited about Bullet Proof Coffee!

  1. Panda says:

    I’m glad you found a good alternative to all the sugary Starbuck’s drinks. I’m not a coffee drinker by any means but I’d be interested in trying it just to see how it affects my appetite.

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