Griffith Park Observatory Hike

As a born and raised Angelino, you would think I already know all the best spots to check out in Los Angeles, however my life has been so..umm… “protected” is the best word I can think of, that until a few months ago, I never really was able to get out and explore.

Lately I’ve been hiking more which in my opinion is a great way to get in cardio AND reduce stress all in one.  In fact, most of my major weight loss just came from walking and dieting (the first 30 lbs anyway).  There is something so restorative about being surrounded by nature, fresh air, and chubby little overfed birds hopping around.

Yesterday we hiked the back side of the Griffith Observatory starting at the “Boy Scout” trail.  The weather was overcast and cool so kind of perfect, however there were so many great views once we got near the top I would recommend coming back on a clearer day.  After we passed the Observatory lawn, the trail broke up into several different paths.  There were signs everywhere so there was no worry about getting lost.  This is a top tourist attraction in LA actually so there were lots of tourists of course up by the Observatory and on the trails too.  There were families, young, old, couples in love (after all Valentine’s Day is approaching) and adorable dogs all over.  Of course there were the young stupid people goofing off as well, balancing on one foot on a pole at the highest lookout peak giving me a slight anxiety attack, but whatever.

It was an uphill walk most of the way up the trails and the misty air made all the green look so much brighter!  🙂  We went up to Dante’s view which was a really cool, almost picnic area with tables and benches and a beautifully planted garden as well.  I thought it would be nice idea to go up there with a bottle of wine and sandwiches.. ahhh… great views no matter what trail you take of downtown LA and of course the Hollywood sign.

I think this trail is a great place to take out of town visitors on a sunny, clear day.. pack a lunch, take your family, and stop at the observatory along the way.  I recommend not parking up at the Observatory because it’s an absolute zoo.  Have fun!


One thought on “Griffith Park Observatory Hike

  1. Panda says:

    This looks like one of those hikes I’d love to be on. I love the misty atmosphere, lends itself to being in another country on some deep expedition…like…The Congo maybe..but less death and ebola.

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